Flash Track Lighting: The #1 Choice for Chase Light Controllers

Established in 1996, Flash Track Lighting is your leading designer and seller for Animated Chase Light Controllers.

Choose Flash Track Lighting, the chase light experts, for high quality, cost effective, controllers.  When you buy from us, not only will you get a high quality, reliable, chase light controller, but you will also get customer service from the experts should you have any questions. We design our own controller models and commission their manufacturing, so if you have any problems or questions, we know our products and we CAN help you!  

All of our controllers automatically come with our quality guarantee and our expert service.  We are here to help you every step of the way for no additional charge - from choosing the right controller for your display, to wiring your lights for the desired effect, to helping you troubleshoot and resolve any problems that may arise.  Call or email us today to experience our expert customer service for yourself and to purchase your chase light controller.

*Important Note: We ONLY accept orders by phone or email so that we can ensure you are purchasing the right controller for your display's needs.*                                                               Call us at 636-222-7294 or email us at Sales@FlashTrackLighting.com to discuss your display and place your order.

Use our lighting controllers to create spectacular lighting effects indoors or outdoors for
Christmas Light Displays, Chase Lights, Signs, Casino Displays, or any Moving Light Display, no matter the application.


All of Our Chase Light Controllers Include the Following Features:

From our low-cost but top quality 3 Track Smart Chaser with 10 amps per track, to our custom programmed models that offer unlimited amperage, we have the perfect chase light controller for your needs.  No matter which model you choose, all of the following features will be included:

  • Plug & Play with MANY Chase Patterns Included with Each Model
  • Dip Switch or Rotary Dial (depending on model) for Selecting your Desired Chase Pattern - no messing with jumpers or wires!
  • Variable Speed Control with a Speed Pot on the Outside of the Box that lets you Dial in the Perfect Speed
  • UL Listed Parts and Fuse Protected, with Solid State Circuitry (no moving parts to break down)
  • Outdoor, weather-resistant, Aluminum Controller Boxes able to withstand the harshest environments
  • 1 Year Warranty that includes unlimited, expert technical support (2 Year Warranty for Programmable Models)
  • Additional Service Options and Support Outside of the Warranty Period included, Should You Need It
  • All models produced in 2015 or later can be re-purposed to perform a 2-4 Track Chase so long as enough tracks are working. (See the “Re-Purposing Controllers” link on the instructions page for details).
  • Click here to see more about the Standard Features and Services automatically included with ALL of our controllers


Check out the links below to view our different controller models, or, if you're not sure which controller is right for you, give us a call and let us help you find the perfect controller for your needs for no additional charge!
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