Programmable Controllers

Quick View of Our Programmable Controllers' Features & Pricing

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Flash Track Lighting’s Programmable Controllers: $265 - $975

All of our programmable controllers include our standard features and services, and are sold with a pre-loaded sequence pattern custom-written for your display.

Key Programmable Controller Features:
  • Programmable Controllers are available from 2—24 tracks, and can be built to handle anywhere from 18-100 amps.
  • Controller comes with an easily replaceable, controller chip that we will pre-load with a custom sequence written just for your display. (Programming fee is priced separately.)  To change your display’s chase pattern, simply order a new chip from us and replace your current chip with it.
  • Wireless Programmable Controllers are also available.

When Do I Need a Programmable Controller and How is it Different from a Smart Chaser?

When a Smart Chaser Will Do Just Fine:

For many light displays, whether they are Christmas Light Shows, Signs and Billboards, Casino Lighting, or any other application involving Animated Lights, one of our Smart Chasers will quite often meet all of your needs spectacularly (and usually, for a significantly lower price, than a programmable controller).

A wide variety of effects can be created with the many pre-programmed chase patterns that are built into our smart chasers.  Many holiday light parks run their entire park using the pre-programmed sequences in our 8 Track Smart Chasers, so there really is a good chance that our pre-programmed sequences will meet your needs too! (Click here to a see animated examples of each of the chase patterns included with our smart chasers.)

If your display uses 8 tracks or less, requires no more than 18 amps, and uses 2-prong plugs, one of our smart chasers may be the perfect fit!  To find out more about our smart chasers, look at our Smart Chaser page, or simply call us at 636-391-1161 and tell us about your display—We are happy to discuss the details of your display with you to determine which controller is the perfect fit for your needs!

When to Choose a Programmable Controller Instead:

Although our smart chasers can do quite a lot, sometimes you just need more:

  • A More Customized Chase Program, specifically Programmed to Create Exactly the Effect You Want!
  • More than 8 Tracks Available
  • More than 18 Amps Maximum Load on at One Time
  • More Prongs — 3-Prong Receptacles for Your Lights to Plug Into (as opposed to 2-prong, which is what our smart chasers accomodate)
  • More options — like the ability to Sync Controllers Wirelessly or Operate Your Controller with a Timer or On/Off Switch

And When You Just Need More, a Programmable Controller is the Way To Go!

Options and customizability are what separate our programmable controllers from our smart chasers.
Our smart chasers cannot be altered or modified—no adding extra tracks to the base models (smart chaser base models are available in 3, 4, 6, and 8 track controllers), no upgrading to allow for more amperage (the 3TSC-10 can handle up to 10 amps on at one time and the rest of the smart chasers have an 18 amp limit), no adding customized programs, and no connecting wirelessly or other extra options.

Defining Features of Our Programmable Controllers

There are a lot of really cool reasons to choose a programmable controller, and a lot of ways in which they are different from our smart chasers.

Check out all the programmable perks below!

  • Programmable controllers can be programmed to produce virtually any chase light pattern you can imagine.
    • When you order a programmable controller from us, we will build a custom program to your specifications and load it onto an SD Card that will come with your programmable controller. We will already have the card placed in the circuit board, so your controller will be programmed and ready to “plug and play” your custom sequence out of the box, as soon as you receive it.
    • *Important Note: Programming fee is separate from the price of the controller and varies by program.  (See Programmable Pricing for details.)*
    • If you ever want to change your display, the SD Card IS easily replaceable, so all you have to do is order a new card from us with your new desired sequence, and then just replace your old SD card with the new one. You will only have to pay the price for the new card and the programming fee—NO having to buy a new controller just to get a new sequence!
    • In addition to a custom-built sequence, your programmable controller will also come with over 175 pre-programmed chase patterns built in.
    • A label will be included on the box, so all you will have to do to select a different chase sequence is look at the label for your desired setting, and then turn the two rotary dials to select your sequence. No shifting wires or moving jumper cables to set your pattern!
    • FYI: At present, our controllers cannot be programmed to “sync” to a specific song or music sequence. You can definitely run music separately from the controller and still have a lovely effect—we do it every year on our Holiday Lighting Model Home Display (see video here) and many holiday light parks operate their display shows with their music playing separately as well, but please be aware that IF literally syncing your controller to music is a critical feature for you, we do not offer it at this time.
  • Programmable controllers are available from 4—24 tracks, in 2 track intervals.
    • Order a controller that accommodates as many tracks as your display needs: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 track models are all available!
    • Note: The smallest programmable controller we offer at this time is a 4 track model.  If you are looking for a smaller controller, see if our 3 Track Smart Chaser will meet your needs.
  • All our programmable controllers can automatically handle between 18—36 amps on at one time, but CAN be upgraded to accommodate up to 100 amps.
    • Our 4, 6, and 8 Track Programmable Controllers are rated at 18 amps, but for a small fee, we can add a second power cord to spread the load and heat so that the controller can handle up to 36 amps.
    • Similarly, our 10—16 Track Programmable Controllers are rated at 36 amps but can be upgraded to handle up to 70 amps and our 18-24 Track Programmable Controllers can be modified from their standard 54 amp allowance to handle as much as 100 amps.
    • FYI—Adding amperage is possible because all of our programmable controllers are built with 2 board-mounted fuse holders instead of 1.
  • Additional Perks that Come Standard with Our Programmable Controllers:
    • While many light strands are built with 2-prong plugs (which work perfectly for plugging into our smart chasers), some light strands come with 3-prong plugs that need to plug into a safety ground, 3-prong receptacle —ALL of our programmable controllers are built with 3-prong receptacles so that ANY strand of lights can be accommodated.
    • We also built the aluminum boxes that house our programmable controllers a little larger than the smart chasers boxes, so that there is plenty of space to fit in those larger, 3-prong plugs.
    • All of our Programmable Controllers come with a 2-Year Warranty. (Smart Chasers have a 1 year warranty.)
  • Additional Upgrade Features Available for Our Programmable Controllers:
    • The ability to turn the controller on and off with a timer or switch
      • Non-upgraded models are simply plugged in to turn them on and unplugged to turn them off.
    • The Addition of a Wireless Module that will allow you to:
      • Sync multiple controllers together, to run the same pattern, while being on the same step at the same time, with a distance of up to 100 feet or more
      • Sync different displays that are using different 1-color multi-sequence programs together, so that all of the individual displays change patterns at the same time
      • Further upgrade, with a specially-programmed SD card, to sync different displays that are using different 2-color multi-sequence programs together, so that all of the individual displays change BOTH COLORS and PATTERNS at the same time
    • The option to Add a Custom-Built Harness to make it easier for you to plug a whole lot of light cords into your controller without the confusion or hassle

Programmable Pricing

Base Pricing for Programmable Controllers without Upgrades (programming fee not included): $265—$975
Pricing for programmable controller models is based on the number of tracks, ranging from $265 for a 4 track programmable model to $975 for a 24 track programmable model. (See the base pricing for each controller model below.  The prices in this table do NOT include the programming fee, which is usually an additional $50.)

4 Track Programmable Controller, 18 amp (4TP-18): $265 16 Track Programmable Controller, 36 amp (16TP-36): $650
6 Track Programmable Controller, 18 amp (6TP-18): $295 18 Track Programmable Controller, 54 amp (18TP-54): $885
8 Track Programmable Controller, 18 amp (8TP-18): $325 20 Track Programmable Controller, 54 amp (20TP-54): $915
10 Track Programmable Controller, 36 amp (10TP-36): $560 22 Track Programmable Controller, 54 amp (22TP-54): $945
12 Track Programmable Controller, 36 amp (10TP-36): $590 24 Track Programmable Controller, 54 amp (24TP-54): $975
14 Track Programmable Controller, 36 amp (14TP-36): $620 Programming fees vary by project, and start at $50

Programming Fee: Starting at $50

Although our programmable controllers  automatically come with our 175 pre-loaded chase patterns, you will most likely want to include at least 1 custom-built chase sequence for your display.  (That is, after all, most likely why you have chosen to  purchase a programmable controller.)

We charge a small, additional fee for programming your  custom-built sequence and loading it into your controller for you. For most projects, our typical flat rate programming fee of $50 is all you will need to pay. 

However, for particularly complicated, time-consuming programming projects, we may need to charge more for our time. Call us at 636-391-1161 or email us at for a price quote for your programming project.

Upgrade Costs Vary by Upgrade and Controller Model: Call for Exact Pricing
Upgrades available for an additional charge include:

  • Increasing the Available Amperage
  • Adding a Timer or Switch to Turn the Controller On and Off
  • Adding a Wireless Module
  • Adding a Custom-Built Harness

More About Programmable Controllers & How They Work

When you order a programmable controller with 10 tracks or more, the size of your controller will be larger because we make larger programmable models using multiple 4, 6, and/or 8 track programmable controllers.


Our 10-Track Programmable Controller is made by combining two programmable controller models, one 6-track programmable and one 4-track programmable.