Products & Pricing Quick View

Quick View of Flash Track Lighting’s Products and Pricing

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Flash Track Lighting’s Smart Chasers: $165 - $275

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  • All of our smart chasers include all of our standard features and services, as well as MANY pre-programmed chase patterns ready to plug and play.

Flash Track Lighting’s Programmable Controllers: $265 - $975

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  • All of our programmable controllers include our standard features and services, and are sold with a pre-loaded sequence pattern custom-written for your display.

Key Programmable Controller Features:

  • Programmable Controllers are available from 2—24 tracks, and can be built to handle anywhere from 18-100 amps.

  • Controller comes with an easily replaceable, controller chip that we will pre-load with a custom sequence written just for your display. (Programming fee is priced separately.)  To change your display’s chase pattern, simply order a new chip from us and replace your current chip with it.
  • Wireless Programmable Controllers are also available.